A Forget-Me-Not Edging to Knit

Knit a sweet lace edging adapted from a vintage pattern.

Piecework Editorial Staff Mar 22, 2021 - 2 min read

A Forget-Me-Not Edging to Knit Primary Image

Ann Budd’s Forget-Me-Not knitted lace edging. Photograph by Joe Coca

Our column Trimmings: A Sampling of Old Patterns offers a collection of patterns, charts, and instructions that have been gleaned from old magazines and books that are no longer generally available. The patterns and instructions for these small needlework articles are worded exactly as they appeared in the original publication. Use them as they are or adapt them to other techniques—but do have fun with them! —Editor

Former book editor Ann Budd knitted this sweet lace edging from the instructions in Clark’s O.N.T. Edgings, Book No. 182 (Pawtucket, Rhode Island: Spool Cotton Company, n.d.). The Spool Cotton Company, owned by J. and P. Coats, manufactured thread in Pawtucket; in 1952, Coats merged with the Clark Thread Company of Newark, New Jersey, to become Coats and Clark. Ann used Louet Gems, Pearl, 100% merino wool, fingering-weight yarn in Neptune (teal) to knit the edging.


Page from the booklet with the Forget-Me-Not edging.

This article was published in the November/December 2006 issue of PieceWork.