Susan J. Jerome

A Closer Look at Chenille

The French named this soft and fluffy yarn and fabric and are believed to have invented it, as well, sometime during the eighteenth century.

A New Chapter for a Historic Costume Collection

Learn about the University of Connecticut Historic Costume Collection and the efforts underway to organize, refine, and curate the collection.

Sweet Bags: Sarcenet, Sylke, and Odorous Flowers

Discover the history and many uses of these elaborately embroidered purses.

Of Buttons, Buttonholes, and Samplers

Buttonhole samplers don’t contain the elegant scenes, alphabets, and pious poetry, but a young woman preparing for a job as a domestic servant or seamstress could use a buttonhole sampler to demonstrate her sewing abilities.

The Fascinating Miser Bag

Commonplace, but not common, surviving miser bags and purses demonstrate the amazing variety of techniques in creation and decoration.

A Brief History of the Pocket in Women’s Fashion

Pockets—practical, convenient, and sometimes, so mysterious. Find them hidden inside or boldly stitched to the front of a garment.

Home Economics and Sewing Sample Books

Sewing books from the early 20th century illustrate the shift from teaching sewing at home to providing instruction in a school classroom.