Christopher John Brooke Phillips

Victoria’s Passion: Queen Victoria’s Unremitting Love of All Things Lace

Queen Victoria (1819–1901) was entranced, enthralled, and enthusiastic for and about lace, be it knitted, needle, or bobbin.

A Publishing Juggernaut—Priscilla

The late nineteenth century saw a surge in the availability of magazines and publications directed at the female market.

Lacemaking in New Pitsligo, Scotland

Dean William Webster, the long-term spiritual leader of the village of New Pitsligo, noticed the lacemaking activities and suggested to the current laird that the lacemakers’ income could be increased if they were taught to produce finer-quality lace.

Pearl Buttons: From England to the Czech Republic to Muscatine, Iowa

Until the day of zip fasteners, the button was king, and the most popular buttons of the wide range available were pearl buttons, manufactured in billions.

Stealing Lace in Old England

Between 1676 and 1913, proceedings at the Old Bailey record more than 2,000 cases of stealing lace or a theft that included lace, showing its high value and its attraction for thieves.